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Instructional Programs

Instructional Programs

Instructional Programs

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UIC offers a wide variety of instructional programs. The classes offered in this program are progressive and provide personal enrichment, training and skill building. The teachers of these courses are certified within their discipline and experience ranges from 1-20 years with an average of 7 years. Registration is required and can only be completed online. These classes are open to students, members and non-members alike.

Instructional programs are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters.   For a full listing of our instructional programs, please view the Group Fitness Session & Instructional Program pdf located on the left column.

Instructional Programs Class Descriptions

Learn to Dance

Art of Belly Dance: World renowned performer Jasmin Jahal introduces you to Pure Raks, a fun, yet disciplined program that trains you step by step in the feminine and elegant movements of classical belly dance. Pure Raks is for those women who want to be fit, sexy and classy. You can start at any age, with no prior dance experience. Enhance your self-esteem while creating an hour-glass shape! Learn exciting movements for your hips, torso and arms. Build fabulous abs and tone your core. It’s time to put the “you” into unique! Class attire: flexible workout clothing, bare feet, socks or ballet slippers, scarf to tie around your hips.

Art of Belly Dance Level 2: Intermediate technique, combinations and short choreography. This level builds upon all that you learned in level 1, expanding your dance vocabulary as you evolve your mind, body and spirit! Class content changes and inspires you with a variety of topics, including introduction to Arabic rhythms, more challenging finger cymbal patterns, floorwork, veil, Saidi and stick dance.

Ballet: Learn the techniques of ballet while improving your core, posture and grace of movement. This class focuses on strength, alignment, and performance. This class will start with 20 minutes at the barre, then to the center of the room for floor work. Jazz or ballet shoes are recommended.

Contemporary Dance: (formerly known as “modern dance”)Contemporary dance is influenced by many styles, particularlymodern dance. Learn how to connect to the sensations of moving by incorporating imagery, breath, and improvisation. Learn how to work with and against gravity and using your breath to connect to the movements. This class is recommended for all types of dancers, athletes, and people who just want to feel more confident moving through space!

Hoop Dance: Learn the fundamental moves of hoop dance! This form of dance, fitness and self-expression will tone your abs, back, arms, hips, and legs creating a fun fitness workout using a weighted hula hoop.

Tango: Is poor coordination & rhythm stopping you from dancing? Learning to dance does not have to be a chore with this fun and easy approach to dance. Remember, if you can walk & count to 8, then you can Tango! This course will cover the basics of the Argentine Tango.

Martial Arts

Beginning Ju-Jutsu: This self-defense class uses real combat techniques for handling real life violent physical assault.  CAI Ju-Jutsu is based upon Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu and ParaCombatives Ju-Jutsu.  No prior experience necessary.  Text and gi required.

Capoeira:  Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.   It is known for quick and complex movements, speed and flexibility.

Intermediate Ju-Jutsu: Ongoing training for those who have completed Beginner Ju-Jutsu.  This course will cover material half-way to black belt.  Text and gi required.

Tae Kwon Do: Training for this Korean Martial Art includes a system of kicks, blocks, punches, and open-handed strikes. Also included are various takedowns, sweeps, throws, and joint locks. Open to various levels. Uniforms are optional.

Women’s Self Defense: State of the art techniques for escaping and evading the attacks most frequently perpetrated against women.  This course is for women ONLY. No prior experience needed.


Advanced Tennis Instruction: This class is designed as a drill group for students with solid strokes but want to increase their power and consistency on ground strokes and power and placements of serves.

Beginning/Intermediate Tennis Instruction: This class is designed for individuals who have never taken tennis lessons but want to develop their basic skills with an emphasis on court movement and footwork.

Play Group Tennis: Participants need to know the rules of tennis, have proper strokes and ability to move. They are paired with partners of equal ability for
playing games.


The outdoor tennis courts are reserved during tennis lessons.  Additional times may be reserved to make up lessons due to weather.

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Instructional Programs Schedule

Please refer to PDF in the side bar for current Group Fitness Session & Instructional Programs Brochure.

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