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Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Laboratory (HPL)

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is a testing facility open to everyone as well as the department that oversees Personal Training and Massage Therapy.  We have highly trained and certified staff of exercise physiologists, fitness technicians, personal trainers and massage therapists.

HPL West is located at the Sport and Fitness Center on 828 S. Wolcott. We offer limited fitness services, personal training and massage therapy at our west location.

Contact Information

Suite 148 – Student Recreation Facility

737 S. Halsted St.

For more information or to make an appointment call:

HPL East

HPL West

Fitness Testing Services

Our Fitness Technicians perform fitness tests and evaluations of athletes and non-athletes. By conducting a series of comprehensive evaluations and laboratory measurements, our team can identify your fitness needs and provide you with an individualized exercise prescription. This exercise prescription can be designed to get you started or move you up to the next fitness level and beyond.

Get Fit Challenge

The Get Fit Challenge is an opportunity for people to live an active and healthy lifestyle. No matter what your fitness and activity level are, the Get Fit Challenge can help motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Participants will actively try to decrease body fat over the course of 13 weeks. Prizes will be awarded to the Male and Female participant who loses the most body fat as measured by skin caliper testing from pre to post testing. Please refer to the announcement section on the home page for more information.

Body Composition

Skinfolds – a six site (men) or five site (women) skinfold test that assesses body composition (percentage body fat, lean body mass, ideal weight, and ideal percentage fat). A computer printout is given of all the results. The error percentage of skinfold testing is 3-4 percent.

Student Member Non-Member
$10 $15 $20


Hydrostatic Weight – The most accurate body composition test that uses underwater weighing to determine anatomical mass. The error percentage of this test is 1-2 percent.

Student Member Non-Member
$30 $40 $45

Flexibility Test and Routine

A variety of tests can be performed to determine range of motion. These tests help to indicate risk of injury from inflexibility.

Student Member Non-Member
$10 $15 $20

General Fitness Assessment

Campus Recreation’s One on One Assessment Phase features a comprehensive three step process that includes a professional fitness assessment, consultation, and an individually designed fitness program.

$40 Students

$50 Members

$60 Non-Members

Maximal Oxygen Consumption (Treadmill or Bike)

Direct oxygen uptake utilizing a metabolic cart. This test requires medical referral from your physician.

Student Member Non-Member
$65 $140 $160

Lactate Testing

This is for athletes who want to be more specific with anaerobic threshold training. Resting blood lactate is measured and blood lactate is measured throughout the test to find your lactic acid threshold.

Student Member Non-Member
$55 $65 $75

Resting Metabolic Rate

Tired of diets that don’t work? Find out how many calories your body burns in a day! This information will allow you to tailor your diet to your own metabolism!

Student Member Non-Member
$55 $65 $75

Strength Tests

Four standard strength tests are used to assess muscular endurance and strength in the upper and lower body. Percentiles are tabulated to compare your results with others of your age and sex. This provides an excellent method for prescribing a strength program.

Student Member Non-Member
$15 $20 $25

Cardiovascular Exercise Prescription

This includes a submaximal YMCA Bike Test with monitored heart rate and blood pressure. An exercise prescription is given based on the fitness test and includes three phases – warm up (stretching and abdominal), aerobic phase (with monitored heart rate and blood pressure), and cool down.

Student Member Non-Member
$25 $35 $45

Workout Evaluation and Consultation

Sit down with a trained professional who will go over your current workout plan and assess efficiency and direction toward your goals and needs.

Student Member Non-Member
$15 $20 $25
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