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Intramural Policies and Procedures

Intramural Sports
Intramural Policies and Procedures
intramural sports

Intramural Policies and Procedures

The Intramural Program

Intramural sports complement the entire recreation program by providing organized competition in a variety of sports and events.  Activities come in three different forms: team leagues, team tournaments and individual events. Sports and events will be offered at the Student Recreation Facility (SRF), the Sport and Fitness Center (SFC), the Outdoor Fields Complex (OFC), and the Outdoor Recreation Courts (ORC).

The intramural program is open to all students, faculty and staff of the UIC community. The intramural program provides Men’s, Women’s and Co-Recreational leagues and tournaments. The Men’s league is designated for male participants, the Women’s, for female participants and the Co-Recreational for male and female students who wish to play on a team together. Women will only be allowed to play on a men’s team when no Women’s and Co-Recreational leagues and tournaments are offered.

When possible, these activities will be divided into two divisions, Competitive and Recreational.

For league sports, it’s best to put a team together with people you know from classes‚ residence halls‚ campus organizations, etc. However, if you don’t know many of your classmates yet, there is no better way of making friends than by forming and/or joining an intramural team. If you cannot find a team‚ you can declare yourself a free agent. As a free agent‚ you will be placed on the free agent list that teams in each specific sport may view. Free agents may also send requests to teams asking to join their team.

The Intramural Program seeks to meet the needs and interests of the diverse campus population.  Games are provided for play in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  There is no place in recreation or athletic competition for derogatory or harmful comments, or behavior that is intimidating or threatening.  Please treat participants and officials with respect.

The Intramural program continues to grow in the types of activities offered and individuals who participate.  Your continued support of the program is the main factor for the relative success of this aspect of campus life.  All individuals are encouraged to participate at a level that best meets their recreational needs.

Participation in any intramural activity is completely voluntary. Each individual participating assumes the responsibility for his/her own health and insurance needs. It is strongly suggested that all participants undergo a physical examination prior to participating in any sports or activity.    The University of Illinois at Chicago and Campus Recreation assume no responsibility for insurance coverage or payment of property damage or medical bills incurred due to injury while participating in intramural sports.

Participant Eligibility

Only UIC students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in intramural activities.

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to participate in intramural sports. There is no fee for individual participation in intramural sports; however, participants must have a facility membership or pay the daily facility entrance fee to participate in indoor events..

A person may only represent one (1) gender specific team and one co-recreational team during each sport season. An individual’s first participation in a team sport limits participation to that particular team throughout the sport season. If a person plays for a second team during that sport season, he/she becomes ineligible and cannot play for either team for the remainder of that season. Games played with the second team will be forfeited.

A maximum of (2) sport clubs members (one if the number of intramural team participants is four our less) can be listed on a team’s roster in the sport or related sport of their specialty.  Sport club members are defined as those whose names are recorded on the club rosters, currently practicing with the team or have competed with the club as a member during the academic year.

Intercollegiate squad members are ineligible to participate in intramurals in their sport or a related sport for the entire school year. A squad member is defined as someone who has a varsity potential or ability, whose name is recorded on the official team roster. Transfer students (athletes who played on an intercollegiate team at a previously attended college/university) and academically ineligible athletes are eligible to participate in intramurals if they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Their names are not listed on the official squad roster
  2. They are not practicing with the team
  3. They are not receiving an award/scholarship from the athletic department
  4. They did not receive a varsity award the previous academic school year

There is a limit of one (1) athletic/academically ineligible player per intramural team. A participant who has received a varsity award as a member of an intercollegiate team at a Division I school is ineligible to participate in that sport until one academic year has passed after the academic year of his/her last competition. A professional player is ineligible to compete in the sport or related sport in which amateur standing was broken.

Player I-cards will be checked prior to each game. Players without an I-card will not be allowed to participate. Falsification of names on the scorecard or participation under an assumed name will lead to suspension from all intramural sports during that academic term. Games played with illegal players will be forfeited.

Team Eligibility

Eligibility status is the responsibility of each individual and team captain. All registered teams must have a complete roster on www.imleagues.com/uic in order to be considered eligible to participate. If a team does not have a complete roster after the set deadline, they will be placed on a waitlist and will not be allowed to participate. Each individual member of a team must create his/her own IM leagues account and add themselves to their desired team roster. Without doing this, the individual will not be able to add themselves to any roster. Players must be listed on the team’s roster before they are eligible to participate.

As stated previously, participants are only allowed to participate on two teams per event, one gender specific and one Co-Recreational.

Captain's Quiz

Team captains are no longer required to attend a mandatory captain’s meeting. Instead, each team captain will be responsible for completing a mandatory captain’s quiz in order to be considered eligible to participate. The captain’s quiz is approximately 15-30 questions and can be done online immediately following the team registration process. Captain’s must achieve an 85% on the quiz in order to pass. Captains are allowed to take the quiz as many times as needed.

Roster Additions

Teams may make roster additions throughout the course of the season. Roster additions must be done the same way that creating a team is done. Each individual who would like to place themselves on a roster must create his/her own IM leagues account. After an individual has done this, he/she will be allowed to add to the roster that they desire. The captain of a team may also send a request to the individual to be added to his/her team roster. Click here to create an IM leagues account


Game time is forfeit time. Teams must be ready to play and have enough people present to play at game time to avoid a forfeit. Players should show up at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled contest. All players should begin to check in at the conclusion of the previous contest or 5 minutes before game time. Any team using an ineligible player will forfeit the game. A “forfeit” is when a team fails to communicate with the Intramural staff or does not show up to the event. This will result in a $25 fee, a loss on the record, and a zero sportsmanship rating for that game. The captain will not be allowed to play ANY Intramural sport until the fee is paid. Two (2) forfeits will result in dismissal from the league.

*Forfeit fees will now only be accepted at the Student Recreation Facility (737 South Halsted) at the membership desk. You may pay via cash, check or credit. No forfeit fee will be collected on site by the Intramural student staff. All participants paying forfeit fees on the same day of play must show the receipt as proof of purchase to Intramural student staff while checking into the game.



If a team cannot make a scheduled game, they may contact the intramural office and request a default. A “default” will be awarded if the team captain/ representative sends an e-mail to the Intramural Coordinator by 12:00 pm of the scheduled game day. A default will result in a loss on your record with no rating for sportsmanship for the week. Two(2) defaults will result in dismissal from the league. When defaulting, the captain must provide the intramural office with the sport, team name, name of person calling, date and time of the game.

The contest will then be recorded as a loss, but no forfeit fee will be assessed. Only one default is allowed per season. When defaulting, the captain must provide the intramural office with the sport, team name, name of person calling, date and time of the game.


Abusive language or behavior will not be tolerated from players, coaches or spectators. Fighting or striking an official or opponent will lead to immediate ejection and suspension. Players ejected from a game are automatically suspended for a minimum of one additional intramural contest.

If a player verbally abuses an official or participant, the offending player is suspended indefinitely until that participant meets with the Coordinator of Intramural Sports. The participant will then be reinstated on a probationary period.

A player removed from competition and the team’s captain must meet with the Intramural Coordinator before the individual or team will be allowed to compete again in any intramural sport. The ejected player must reply to the IM Coordinator within 48 hours of being contacted. Failure to reply within 48 hours will result in disqualification for the remainder of the sport season.

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted on University property. Teams/individuals violating this regulation will be barred from competition and instructed to leave the playing area.

Sportsmanship rating system

This system was designed to regulate some of the behavior that occurs during intramural activities. The system consists of a five component scale, ranging from excellent to poor sportsmanship. The Sportsmanship Rating System also gives the necessary criteria for achieving a specific level.

UIC Teams have the ability to score between zero and five on the following subjects:

  1. Unsportsmanlike penalties
  2. Respect towards Intramural Staff
  3. Respect towards opposing team
  4. Miscellaneous (Language, Show Boating, Fans)

The following chart may be used by the Intramural Staff in determining the sportsmanship rating given to a team.

NOTE: These are just examples of some of the behavior that could result in a lower sportsmanship score. The staff will come to a decision based on their opinion of the event.

5 All participants were respectful to the staff and opposing team. Teams that default before noon the day of their game.
4 Making remarks to staff over a call. Slight confrontation with opposing team. Yellow card/technical foul or verbal warning given to a player.
3 Continuously remarking to staff about calls. Taunting or similar behavior to opposing team. Yellow card/technical foul or verbal warnings given to more than one player. Red card resulting in two yellow cards.
2 Arguing/taunting with staff or opposing team is disruptive to the game or match. Red card/technical foul given to player was due to dangerous behavior harmful to others.
1 Participant thrown out of game and immediate area. Dangerous behavior occurred that was threat to others.
0 Teams that forfeit and fail to notify coordinator they will not be present. Forfeit resulting in player(s) being removed from playing area.

The officials, supervisor and scorekeepers will come to a consensus and will determine the scores at the end of each contest. The rating is based on the intramural staff’s opinion of the team’s conduct during that contest.
Teams receiving less than a 3 average on their regular season games will not be allowed to participate in playoffs.
Teams that receive a zero sportsmanship rating at any time during tournament play will forfeit that contest and will not be allowed to advance.

NOTE: If a team forfeits a contest due to poor sportsmanship, the fee associated with forfeits will be assessed.

Intramural playoff ranking system

This system is used to regulate some of the behavior that occurs during intramural activities and penalize those who use poor sportsmanship by prohibiting them to participate in post league playoffs. The following criteria will be used in determining team rankings and tie-breakers for playoffs (listed in order from first to last):

  1. Winning percentage
  2. Sportsmanship rating
  3. Head to Head matchup
  4. Point Differential

The following is an outline of each above criteria.

  • Winning percentage
    • A record of .500 and above must be met for a team to be included into the playoff season.
    • The chart below lists the possible records eligible for playoffs (top left being a number one ranking).
      • 6-0      5-1      4-2      3-3
        5-0      4-1      3-2
        4-0      3-1      2-2
        3-0      2-1
        NOTE: A team must have played at least three games to be eligible for playoffs.
  • Sportsmanship Rating
    • A team must have a sportsmanship rating average of 3 and above to be eligible for post league play.  (See the sportsmanship rating system below)
  • Head to head matchup
    • Records versus tie-breaker of opponents
  • Point differential
    • This number is calculated from the number of points scored minus the number of points allowed from all contests.


Judgment calls cannot be protested. All protests involving rule interpretations/applications must be filed with officials and supervisor before play resumes. Protests will not be accepted after the game. Protests of a player’s eligibility must be declared before the start of the game (there is some leeway for extenuating circumstances). Eligibility of both teams will be checked when an eligibility protest is filed. Decisions made by intramural supervisors concerning protests may be appealed to the Coordinator of Intramural Sports. This protest must be made in writing and turned in before the end of the same business day.


Decisions on canceling games due to inclement weather or other facility issues will be made no less than one hour before the scheduled event. Teams will be notified of rescheduling.

Campus Recreation and the Intramural Sports Program reserve the right to cancel games due to poor field conditions.

NOTE:  While every possible attempt to reschedule games is made during tournament play, this may not be possible during the league.  Facility and time limitations may cause teams to play as many as four games in four days, or double headers to advance to the next round.  Each team that makes it to the playoffs bracket must be ready to play any day/any time.

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