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Training Types

Personal Training
Training Types

Types of Personal Training

One on One Training

One on One is an individualized approach to fitness that focuses on positive lifestyle changes. Everyone responds uniquely to exercise training and has different fitness needs and goals. With the One on One program, clients work one-on-one with a personal trainer who has extensive knowledge in exercise physiology and kinesiology to design a fitness program that meets the client’s needs.

Sessions can be purchased individually or as a package. Sessions are purchased in either 30 min. (Express Training) or 60 Minutes.

60-minute Price List

Number of Sessions Student Member Non-Member
1 $24 $29 $39
4 $92 $108 $151
8 $176 $208 $292
12 $252 $300 $423
24 $480 $576 $816

Express Training

30-minute sessions are ideal for people who are short on time, want to do a quick workout in their lunch hour, or those that just want to be in-and-out of the gym fast whilst still achieving their goals and increasing their fitness levels. In addition, these sessions are affordable, flexible and can be booked at the convenience of the client. Great for staff, faculty or anyone who is in a rush, and wants to see results that are fast and affordable!


30-minute Price List


Number of

























Partner Training

Did you know that training with a friend increases your chances of success by up to 70%? Training with others can help keep you more motivated, push you even harder and is also more fun. So who can motivate you, or who can you motivate? Friend or Colleague? Son or Daughter? Husband or Wife? Whoever you wish to train with we can create the best program to suit you, including all your needs, aims and goals.

Paired and Group personal training sessions are available. Each person commits to the same workout, and commits to the same time and location. These sessions work best if all parties have approximately the same fitness level, but we can accommodate a fairly wide range of differences with modifications of the exercises.


Number of Sessions Student Member Non-Member
4 $80 $96 $136
8 $152 $182 $262
12 $216 $258 $378



TRX Training

Small group training offers:

-  A unique opportunity to explore a new dimension of fitness merging group fitness with personal training

-  Classes that focus on a specialized format, individual progression and skill development

-  An affordable option for receiving a great workout, professional and personalized attention, and the motivation of exercising with friends


Our new TRX Circuit Summit Boot Camp Class is a circuit-style fitness class that combines TRX suspension training, kettlebells, classic body weight exercises, and wall climbing specifically designed to target specific muscle strength and endurance needed for climbing. This class is great for beginners, advanced exercisers, and non-climbers as well!

Look for a new session coming up soon!!


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Functional Training - Synergy 360 Circuit Training


Synrgy 360 is about more than just workout out! It’s a revolutionary concept that provides limitless opportunities to train smarter, better and more effectively. It’s a complete workout that incorporates functional training with the latest fitness trends to challenge you at your level. (SFC Only)

Check it out on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6VWeQfn8_0

Registration is open. All registrations are completed online.

Summer Session One

June 2-June 28

MW      12-12:30pm
MW      5:30-6:30pm
TR        12-12:40pm
SAT     10-11am


Summer Session Two
July 7-August 2

MW    12-12:30pm
MW    5:30-6:30 pm
TR      12-12:40 pm
SAT    10-11am








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