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Registrations and Reservations

Registrations and Reservations

Find all information you need for signing up for programs, IM Leagues and reserving space at Recreation Facilities right below.

Program Registrations

Register online for Swim Lessons and Fitness Classes by following the link below:

Register Online

Registration Instructions

IM Leagues Registrations

Each individual must create his/her own IM leagues account to be able to register for intramural sports. Click here to create an IM leagues account. While creating an account‚ individuals must use their UIC email address and full first and last name. Shortened names (Patrick to Pat or Timothy to Tim) will not work. After creating an account‚ participants may register online at www.imleagues.com/uic. There will be a complete list of current events and the registration dates for each event.]

Facility Rentals / Reservations

Space Student Organization Member/Department Non-Member
MAC Gym (1/3-1/2) $30 $60 $120
MAC Gym (whole)
$60 $120 $240
MAC Suite
$30 $60 $120
Large Multi-Suite
$30 $60 $120
Spin Suite
$30 $60 $120
Mind/Body Suite
$30 $60 $120
Meeting Room
$30 $60 $120
4-Court Gym (per court) $30 $60 $120
4-Court Gym (whole)
$120 $240 $480
Racquetball Court (per court)
$30 $60 $90
Lap Pool (per lane)
$30 $60 $90
Running Track (per lane) $30 $60 $90
Outdoor Field Complex (per field) $35 $70 $150
*All rates above are hourly*


Submitting a request does not guarantee availability or confirm a facility reservation. Once a request has been submitted, a member of our staff will contact the requesting group to clarify details, confirm availability, and provide additional instructions on how to fully confirm a reservation. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received – you will be contacted within 3 business days of your request. In general, all of the following steps must be completed prior to a full reservation confirmation:

Facility Rental/Reservations
  • Completion of facility reservation request
  • Clarification of all event details, support services, and setup
  • Completion of facility reservation agreement
  • Payment of facility rental deposit, if applicable
  • Obtain all necessary event approvals
  • Event walkthrough with facility manager, if applicable

Our goal is to assist you through the event planning process, help you navigate any campus or facility policies and procedures, and ultimately provide your organization with the best possible event experience!
Two-week advanced notice
To process paperwork and acquire the necessary approvals, we require a minimum notice of two-weeks. Any request not providing the required advanced notice will only be considered if staff time permits. Large events and general public rentals may require a minimum notice of four weeks.

***The primary purpose of Campus Recreation facilities is to provide recreational opportunities to UIC students, faculty/staff and our members.***

For more info or questions please contact Nathan Scott nascott@uic.edu or (312) 413-5168.

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