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Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs

A major function of Campus Recreation is to provide the university community with opportunities for diversified recreational experiences. Campus Recreation offers students, faculty, and staff a comprehensive program of activities which include intramural sports, special events, fitness, informal recreation, and sport clubs.

A sport club is an organized group of individuals established to promote interest in a sport and develop skills of its members in that sport. A sport club may be organized for recreational, instructional, performance, or competitive purposes.

If you are interested in joining one of the existing clubs or starting your own, go to the Sport Clubs section of IMLeagues for participating clubs and their descriptions or contact intramurals@uic.edu for questions.

Please visit the Sport Clubs tab on IMLeagues for required forms and further information on UIC Sport Clubs.


Please visit the Sport Clubs tab on IMLeagues for more information about each club and contact information.

Competitive Sport Clubs

Cycling & Triathlon


Men’s Rugby

Women’s Rugby

Men’s Soccer



Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

Men’s Volleyball

Women’s Volleyball

Swimming and Water Polo

Rowing and Crewing

Instruction Sport Clubs

Combative Arts Academy




Recreation Sport Clubs



Kinesiology Club

Outdoor Adventure

Skiing and Snowboarding

 Performance Sport Clubs

Primo Dance Troupe

Starting a New Club

Please review the How to Start a Sport Club guide and if you have additional questions, please email Ryan Morse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a UIC Sport Club?

Contact intramurals@uic.edu.

How do I register my members to my club?

All registration is done through IMLeagues. Please have your teammates go to your team page to register.

How many meetings are each semester?

Mandatory trainings are held at the beginning of each academic year followed by one meeting per month. Additionally, one-on-one meetings are required at the end of each semester.

How do I reserve practice space?

Practice space must be reserved through the Sport Clubs office. All clubs are guaranteed a minimum of one time per week. Other practice times will be reserved based on open space and club status

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