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MAC Suite Combative Policies

The MAC Suite is scheduled for sport club practices, fitness instruction, personal training and open
recreation. Patrons may utilize the MAC Suite when it is not scheduled for another activity. Training of
patrons, either individually or in a group, is only allowed with a designated sport club coach or sensei, or an
employee of Campus Recreation.

In addition, for any activity involving body contact, individuals should place the highest priority on
safety for themselves and others and do so with the proper training and instruction. Campus
Recreation sponsored Martial Arts clubs can provide proper training and instruction. For safety and
injury prevention Campus Recreation strongly recommends the use of wraps or gloves when using the
speed bag and heavy bag.

  • Only athletic clothing may be worn, shirts are required.
  • Shoes are not permitted on the mats.
  • Individuals with skin infections, open lesions, or open cuts are not allowed on the mat.
  • When a participant is bleeding or there is blood on the mat, activity must stop. Notify a Campus
    Recreation staff member for proper clean-up.
  • Those individuals participating in combat type activity are required to do so under the
    supervision of a coach or sensei. Use of protective equipment (such as head protection,
    mouthpiece, cup (men), chest protector (women)) is also strongly recommended.
  • Submission combative techniques are only allowed under supervision of a sport club coach or
  • Aggressive sparring is not allowed. Sparring without heavy blows is allowed under the
    supervision of a sport club coach or sensei.
  • Equipment (sharp or otherwise) that may damage the floor, mats, or bags is not permitted.