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UIC Counseling Center Group Therapy

Groups (Online)

Groups (Online)  

Most groups are ongoing. The first step is to contact the front desk at 312-996-3490 to schedule an initial consultation. During the initial consultation, inform the clinician of your interest in the group

If you would like more information about the groups prior to calling to schedule your initial consultation, you can read about them here: 

Monday: Trauma Group for Women, General Group Therapy, Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Expansive Group 4-5:30pm
Tuesday: LGBTQ Group 3-4:30pm, Grad Student Group 4-5:30pm
Wednesday: Healing en Comunidad 3:30-4:45pm, Men's Group 3:30-4:45pm
Thursday: The Student of Color Experience 2:05-3:25pm, Grad Student Group 3:05-4:30pm
Friday: General Group Therapy 11:05-12:30pm, First-Generation Student Group 1:00-2:30pm, Conquering Anxiety Group 1:30-2:45pm