Ju-Jutsu Club

Ju-Jutsu Club

The purpose of the Ju-Jutsu Club shall be to promote the knowledge, understanding and practice of self-protection and methods of practical defense; particularly the study of Ju-Jutsu or other self-protection methods as instructed by the Coach, Sensei, or senior instructors. As we are primarily focused on real world self-defense application, we do not participate in sparring or competitions.


Officers and Contact Email

Title Member Email
President Victoria Mastej vmaste2@uic.edu
Vice President Anmol Lamicchane alamic2@uic.edu
Treasurer Mari Alvarez-Ortiz malvar65@uic.edu


  • Sundays: 1 pm – 5 pm @ SFC Fitness Room 2 & 3


Email: vmaste2@uic.edu

Club Management