Ju-Jutsu Club

The purpose of the Ju-Jutsu Club shall be to promote the knowledge, understanding and practice of self-protection and methods of practical defense; particularly the study of Ju-Jutsu or other self-protection methods as instructed by the Coach, Sensei, or senior instructors.

National Governing Body

We are not affiliated with a National Governing Body, but still maintain our recreational and instructional status as a club.

Members and Contact Email

Title Member Email
President Rachel Nordgren rnordg2@uic.edu
Vice President Victoria Mastej vmaste2@uic.edu
Treasurer Caitlin Howel chowel5@uic.edu

Highlights FY 2017-2018

1) On May 27, two members were promoted during our promotional qualifier.
2) On June 24, we held another promotional qualifier for our members.
3) Continue to encourage our members to receive extra practice and participate in the promotional qualifiers.