Outdoor Adventure Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and educate students of the various outdoor activities within Chicago as well as the surrounding region. To expose UIC students to activities they would not otherwise try unless with a group of peers, and to encourage team building and friendship though the outdoors.

National Governing Body

We are not affiliated with a National Governing Body, but still maintain our recreational status as a club.

Members and Contact Email




President John Tantoco jtanto2@uic.edu
Vice President Ruth Ni lni3@uic.edu
Secretary Ioannis Peiralis ipiera2@uic.edu
Treasurer Amanda Farrell afarre6@uic.edu


Highlights FY 2017-2018

1) We increased our student interest and participation on outdoor trips.
2) We provided a wider variety of on-campus workshops to UIC students.
3) We had the most successful trips this past year!