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Women’s Lacrosse Club

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Women's Lacrosse Club

Women's Lacrosse Club

The Women's Lacrosse Club offers students at UIC an opportunity to learn about the fastest sport on two feet, so that the women who take part in the club can improve their communication and teamwork skills, improve their perseverance, and overcome challenges while playing.

National Governing Body

We are not affiliated with a National Governing Body, but still maintain our competitive status as a club.

Members and Contact Email




PresidentRebeca Sepulvedarsepul3@uic.edu
Vice PresidentJena Maslerjmasle2@uic.edu
SecretaryDamaris Rodriguezdrodri77@uic.edu
TreasurerMashel Al-Nimermalnim3@uic.edu

Highlights FY 2017-2018

1) Established as a new club this past academic year.
2) Held practice twice a week during the fall and spring semesters that encouraged team bonding, and enhanced our lacross and communication skills.
3) Focused on our marketing campaign to recruit new members.
4) Hosted a scrimmage in the spring semester for our new members.

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