Student Employment

Campus Recreation is one of the largest employers of students on the UIC campus. With over 200 student employees, we provide many opportunities for employment. Jobs are available throughout the school year, summers, and break periods. Some jobs are based on certifications or experience and we maintain many certification programs here on campus.

Employees are hired as both regular student employees and Federal Work Study (FWS) employees. Work Study eligible students are given priority for job placement. Contact the Student Employment Office at (312) 996-3130 for further information on to verify your eligibility for FWS.

Employment Resources

Campus Recreation Employment Positions

Campus Recreation employs students in the following areas. Most jobs are paid the current campus minimum of $12.00/hr. Other jobs requiring additional certification or advanced skills are paid at a higher hourly rate.

Supervisory positions are also available internally and are based on experience, expertise, attitude and dependability.

How to Apply

Please submit the  Student Employment Application Form ,Cover Letters and/or Resumes are welcome and must be submitted with your application for review. A confirmation email will be sent within one week of applying that your application has been received. Hiring managers of UIC Campus Recreation will have access to your application once it has been processed.

Due to the high volume of applications received, we cannot provide any further status updates on your application. If you have any questions regarding specific areas of employment we recommend that you contact ndachn1@uic.edu.

Suggestions for Applying

UIC Campus Recreation will always accept applications, but the majority of hiring is conducted before each new semester begins. For this reason, we encourage applying early. Availability is also a large factor in the hiring process for most areas. Applicants willing to work opening, closing, or weekend shifts are typically preferred. For those not selected, we recommend re-applying before the start of each new semester with an updated application and availability sheet.