Outdoor Field Complex



The Outdoor Field Complex (renovated in 2015) features two multi-purpose fields, with more than 214,000 square feet of synthetic turf, sand volleyball courts, a jogging path, and outdoor fitness station.


COVID-19 Guidelines and Expectations

– There is a maximum of 110 people permitted in the complex at any time and groups may not exceed posted capacities for each space.

– Multiple groups permitted at once as long as 30-ft of distancing is maintained between groups, and areas for each group are clearly marked to discourage interaction between groups.

– Groups should be static, with no mixing of participants.

– There will be a maximum of two (2) people permitted on the Fitness Station at a time.

– Social distance of at least 6-ft. should be maintained between non-household individuals.

– Masks are required unless specifically exempted through rental agreements adhering to IDPH guidelines.

– Participants should use their own equipment.

– No water fountain available.


Accessing the OFC outside of these hours, is considered trespassing. Violators will be subject to criminal charges.

When the 14th Place gate is secured, the OFC is closed.

The jogging path is accessible throughout the hours above. Patrons using the path should maintain awareness of activity on the fields.

Click here  for a complete schedule of field activity.

OFC Contact Information

900 W. 14th Place, Chicago, Illinois 60608