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Nutrition Tips

  1. One 20oz Coca-Cola contains 240 calories and 65 grams of sugar. This is about 17 teaspoons of sugar. Rethink your drink by choosing water over soda one time a day and save 87,600 calories in a year, 23, 725 grams or 5,931 teaspoons of sugar.
  2. Greek yogurt is packed with protein, probiotics to keep you regular, and calcium for bone health.  Try replacing sour cream or mayo with Greek yogurt. You can also add it to a smoothie, or add fruit and granola to make a sweet breakfast treat.
  3. The USDA recommends making half your grains whole grains. Make an easy change by swapping out regular rice, pasta, and white bread for brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, or whole grain bread.
  4. Have trouble with portion control? Try eating on a smaller plate. The size of a normal dinner plate has grown over the years. Another trick is to avoid eating directly from the package. It is much easier to eat a whole bag of chips directly from the bag vs. taking out one serving and putting it in a bowl.
  5. Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals the body needs. But lets face it sometimes you might not feel like a salad. Sneak veggies into your meals by adding them as toppings on a pizza, sandwich, or taco. They can also be blended into smoothies.  Veggies contribute flavor when added to scrambled eggs, soups, and pasta dishes.

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