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Locker Rooms
The Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms are located adjacent to the Equipment Check-Out Desk, and can only be used by the designated gender regardless of age.

The Inclusive Changing Rooms, located next to the Aqua Suite at the SRF, is a gender neutral space. This space should be used by parents with children of the opposite sex regardless of age.

Daily Use Lockers
All half size lockers are for daily use only. These lockers can only be used while you are in the facility. You must remove your items when you leave. We ask that all users only occupy one daily use locker, so that all patrons may be accommodated. A coat check service is available at the Equipment Check-Out Desk. Locks left on daily use lockers overnight will be cut. All contents will be removed and stored for a period of two weeks, then discarded. A $10.00 fee will be charged to reclaim contents from all cleared lockers during the two week storage period.

Annual Rental Lockers
A limited number of lockers are available for annual rental. The annual rental fee is $60.00 for students and $70.00 for all other members. Lockers are available for rent beginning August 1. All locker rentals will expire on August 31st at the Student Recreation Facility and Sport & Fitness Center. Renewals have first priority to retain rental lockers. Please inquire about the availability of lockers at the Membership Desk. Users are required to provide their own lock. Locks are available for purchase at the Member Services Desk. Any lock found attached to an un-rented locker without permission, will be cut. Use of a rental locker without registration and payment is prohibited. All contents will be removed and stored for a period of two weeks, then discarded. A $10.00 fee will be charged to reclaim any contents from the locker, during the two week storage period.

Express Lockers
Book bags, gym bags, coats, and other personal items are not allowed in activity areas. All items must be secured outside of these areas. Campus Recreation is not responsible for any unsecured items. For your convenience, Express lockers are provided at both facilities and require your own lock. Contents may not be stored in Express Lockers overnight. A $10 storage fee will be charged for contents left overnight.