***At this time, all in person programs have been indefinitely suspended until further notice. We do have some NEW eSports programs available during this time, so be sure to review those programs below. Additionally, see 'Status Update' under announcements on IMLeagues.com for additional details.***

Intramural Sports program offers the UIC campus community a structured, inclusive, and engaging recreational sports program. Intramural Sports welcomes all levels of ability, experience, and interest to participate! All sports are FREE to current UIC students, faculty, and staff, so explore our programs below and get involved.

eSports Programs

With the stay at home order in effect and our in person sporting events currently suspended, we wanted to let you know about some leagues that you can do at home to get involved! We are excited to let you know that NEW eSports leagues are available for registration!

Join today to compete in leagues for FIFA, MADDEN NFL, NBA2K, and NHL - and all games are played at your home on your own console! These leagues will utilize 'ladder scheduling', so all players are able to compete at a day/time that works for them, and if they win, they move up the ladder! All current students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate, so head over to IMLeagues.com to sign up for FREE and view additional league details*. Winning players will receive the Spring Champion shirt and pint glass!

If you have any questions, please contact John Manning via email (manningj@uic.edu).

(*NOTE: Must be a current UIC student, faculty, or staff member to participate in Intramural eSports)
Platforms: PlayStation & XBOX Platforms: PlayStation & XBOX Platforms: PlayStation & XBOX Platforms: PlayStation & XBOX
Games: FIFA 19 & FIFA 20 Games: Madden NFL 19 & Madden NFL 20 Games: NBA2K 19 & NBA2K 20 Games: NHL 19 & NHL 20
Registration Deadline: 04/01 @ 11:59 AM Registration Deadline: 04/01 @ 11:59 AM Registration Deadline: 04/01 @ 11:59 AM Registration Deadline: 04/01 @ 11:59 AM
League Dates: 04/01 - 04/22 League Dates: 04/01 - 04/22 League Dates: 04/01 - 04/22 League Dates: 04/01 - 04/22

Join for Free at IMLeagues.com

Spring 2020 League Sports and Tournaments:

Spring 1 League registration will open on Monday, January 13th. We will have leagues for Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Cricket at the Student Recreation Facility – SRF (east campus). Additionally, we are pleased to announce two new eSports leagues for FIFA and NBA2k. All games will be played between opponents online on their home console, with players reporting their own scores after the game. The date to register by for Spring 1 leagues is Wednesday, January 29th.

Spring 2 League registration will open Monday, February 24th. We will have leagues for Outdoor Soccer (7v7 & 11v11), Flag Football, and Softball at the Outdoor Field Complex – OFC (south campus).  We will also have Indoor Archery Tag and Dodgeball leagues at the Student Recreation Facility – SRF (east campus) and an Indoor Volleyball (4v4) league at the Sport & Fitness Center – SFC (west campus).  The date to register by for Spring 2 leagues is Wednesday, March 18th.

Throughout the semester, the Intramural Sports Program also hosts a variety of Single Day Event Tournaments that offer a shorter time commitment for participants. These will be played throughout our 3 different facility spaces including the Student Recreation Facility, Sport & Fitness Center, and Outdoor Field Complex. All tournaments are one day only.

All sports are FREE and open to current UIC Students, Faculty, and Staff. Please visit IMLeagues.com to create your FREE profile today using the link below! Leagues and tournaments can fill up fast, so make sure you keep an eye on our our full spring schedule, including dates for registration and deadlines.

For questions or concerns please email John Manning, Intramural Sports Coordinator, at manningj@uic.edu.

Spring 1 League Sports

Spring 2 League Sports