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Inclusive Recreation

Inclusivity Mission Statement Heading link


Campus Recreation is dedicated to providing inclusive services, programs, and facilities to all persons, and welcomes participants and visitors reflective of all characteristics including age, culture, different ideas and perspectives, disability, ethnicity, familial status, gender identity and expression, geographical background, marital status, national origin, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and veteran status.

  • Inclusive Policies

    In addition to providing inclusive facilities, Campus Recreation understands the importance of policies and programs that are welcoming to all participants.

    Campus Recreation has a number of policies in place to ensure that all our visitors and participants experience a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. To read more about these policies, please click here.

    Asserted Gender Policy

    Individuals shall be permitted to participate in Campus Recreation programs, facilities, activities, and events in accordance with that person’s asserted gender identity.

    What does this mean in practice?

    • Showing up for an event, program, facility, or activity is all you have to do to establish your gender identity and participate.
    • No questions will be asked, no proof is required, If you can play, you can play!


    Asserted Gender Intramural Policy

    Individuals shall be permitted to participate in Intramural Sports events in accordance with that person’s asserted gender identity.

    What does this mean in practice?

    • Showing up to play for a men’s, women’s, or coed Intramural Sport team is all you have to do to establish your gender identity and play in that division.
    • No questions will be asked, no proof is required, If you can play, you can play!


    Non-Gendered Attire Policy

    In an effort to be inclusive of all personal workout attire preferences, Campus Recreation has an open attire policy.

    What does this mean in practice?

    • Beyond our facility policies, we do not require gender-specific attire within the Rec Center. Participants are encouraged to wear whatever attire honors their workout experience most, including sports bras, muscle tees, loose or tight-fitting clothing, etc.
    • Within the aquatic facility, patrons are asked to wear attire designed specifically for use in the water.


    Personal Care Assistants

    Personal Care Assistants (PCA) are eligible to access the Student Recreation Center in order to aid someone. The Personal Care Assistant will be required to sign a Campus Recreation Waiver and to email Jordan Offen in advance ( PCAs may access the Student Recreation Center only during times the individual needing assistance is in the facility, they should remain with the individual needing assistance, and can only assist the individual needing help (they cannot workout themselves). PCAs can attend various events and programs offered by Campus Recreation to assist those in need.


    Staff Trainings

    We offer a variety of training opportunities to our staff to further our commitment to providing welcoming customer service and programs.

    What does this mean in practice?

    Student and professional staff at Campus Recreation receive training on topics such as Inclusivity and Safe Zone Workshops.

    We make inclusivity a priority, yet there may be times when someone (either on our own staff or a Campus Recreation user) may not be fully educated or aware of our policies. We make every effort to assure that you are always welcome within our building and at our programs, but if you have a concern, please let any of the staff on duty know, or you can contact Member Services at (312) 413-5162.


  • Inclusive Facilities

    Campus Recreation is committed to providing safe, welcoming spaces for all participants. Gender inclusive restrooms, gender inclusive changing rooms, ADA access, and multiple workout areas designed to accommodate various skill, ability, and individual comfort levels.  As part of our Inclusive Recreation program, we want to make sure we create spaces and environments where people are able to use our facilities without barriers.

    Locations and Descriptions:

    Inclusive Changing Room

    Location within facility: 1st Floor of the SRF near the pool.

    The Inclusive Changing Room provides privacy and comfort while creating more options for people who may prefer to use a non-gender-specific restroom or locker room. Additionally, this area and locker room may be used for nursing women and families. This space is open for all members and guests, regardless of identity.

    Amenities: Private sink, private shower, common area daily-use lockers,

    ADA Accessible


    Adaptable Fitness Equipment

    Location within facility: Spread throughout the fitness floors and Functional Training Rooms in both facilities (SRF & SFC).

    For more information about the equipment and location in the facility, please see a Campus Recreation staff member.


    Adaptable Aquatics Equipment

    Location within facility: Pool in both facilities (SRF & SFC)

    Each facility includes an aquatic lift to aid patrons in entering the lap lanes. The SRF also has a zero-depth entry into the multi-use swimming area.