Campus Recreation Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

WE ARE HIRING CLIMBING WALL ATTENDANTS FOR THE FALL 2021 ACADEMIC YEAR! Climbing experience preferred. Please email Sam at if interested!

The climbing wall is still closed due to COVID-19. We do hope to reopen the wall during the fall 2021 semester, and we will keep you updated on any changes. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. 

Come and try our incredible Entre Prises’ Free Form climbing wall. Entre Prises’ is the world’s premier climbing wall manufacturer and Free Form is the most advanced product in climbing wall technology. Free Form accurately simulates the look, feel, and detail of real rock! Our wall is 43 feet tall, 7 top ropes across, and has a stunning variety of built-in features such as cracks, flakes, pockets, arêtes, a dihedral, as well as endless intricate features.

Rock climbing is a multi-dimensional sport that requires strength, flexibility, a high level of endurance, and skill. It also offers a balance between physical exercise and mental discipline. Climbers will quickly begin to develop hand, arm, back, and core strength as a result of the movements the climber needs to scale the wall. With practice, climbers will see improvement in agility, their ability to increase strength-to-weight ratio, and flexibility in hips and hamstrings.

In addition, our friendly staff would love to introduce you to this popular and fast-growing sport. We are constantly changing our routes to challenge every type of climber from beginner to advanced skill levels. Each route varies in length and style so climbs never get tedious.