Competitive Gaming Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring a community of gamers together under one umbrella representing a recreational and competitive environment. We field teams to compete in collegiate gaming leagues such as League of Legends, Rocket League, and Overwatch.

National Governing Body

Riot Games


Officers and Contact Email

Title Member Email
President Hayley Christianson
Treasurer Enoc Carranza
Secretary Alexis Sales

Spring 2020 Season

  • January 11: Iowa State Varsity – Rocket League A
  • January 11: Nebraska – Rocket League B
  • January 25: League Team A
  • February 27: GGLeagues/ISU JV
  • February 28: Fight Night @ Inner Circle
  • March 5:¬†GGLeagues/ SLU Esports
  • March 6: Fight Night @ Inner Circle
  • March 13: Fight Night @ Inner Circle
  • March 19: GGLeagues/ Illinois Wesleyan
  • March 20: Fight Night @ Inner Circle
  • March 26: GGLeagues/ Missouri Baptist

Fall 2019 Season

League of Legends:


CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Online):

Rainbow Six Siege:


Rocket League:


Club Management