Fencing Club

The purpose of this club shall be to provide a location for members to participate in the sport of fencing. The club will also provide instructional lessons to members upon request. Members will also be able to borrow fencing equipment from the club. The Fencing Club will encourage UIC students to learn and enjoy the sport of fencing for all three main weapons; foil, epee, and saber. The club also participates in exhibitions with other universities, such as Northern Illinois and Bradley University.

National Governing Body

We are not affiliated with a National Governing Body, but still maintain our recreational and competitive status as a club.

Members and Contact Email

Title Member Email
President Dhruva Mehta dmehta23@uic.edu
Vice President Alejandro Bueno abueno7@uic.edu
Treasurer Daksh Joshi djoshi21@uic.edu

Highlights FY 2017-2018

1) We held a joint practice session with University of Chicago on November 30th.
2) Spring of 2018, we began training in all 3 forms of fencing; foil, epee, and saber.
3) Competed in a “Mock” tournament against Northern Illinois University on January, 27th.
4) March 2018, we purchased electronic equipment, which advances our practices and allows the club to host their own exhibitions.
5) Competed in a “Mock” tournament at Bradley University on April 7th.