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Alumni Memberships

All University of Illinois graduates are eligible for the Alumni membership. This membership allows access to the Student Recreation Facility, Sport & Fitness Center, and Outdoor Field Complex. Graduation will be verified when the membership application is processed. Proof of graduation is required if status cannot be verified. A valid, government-issued photo ID must be presented when applying for a recreation membership. Please contact the UIC Alumni Association to learn more about services and benefits for UIC alumni.

Membership Prices Heading link

OPEN-ENDED EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

Individual, Spouse/Domestic Partner, or Adult Dependent (18-26)
$38.34 Monthly

Child (17 & Under)
Parent or Legal Guardian must be a member to purchase
$18.75 Monthly EFT

Open-Ended Family Package – Save 5%!
Two (2) Adults (Spouse/Domestic Partner) and two (2) Children Memberships
$108.33 Monthly EFT


Individual, Spouse/Domestic Partner or Adult Dependent (18-26)

Child (17 & Under)
Parent or Legal Guardian must be a member to purchase

Annual Family Package-Save 5%
Two (2) Adults (Spouse/Domestic Partner) and two (2) children memberships


UIC Spring 2022 Graduate – Save $20!
Summer Membership Valid for UIC Graduates Only
June 12, 2022 – August 20, 2022

Adult Dependent (18-26 years)
May 15, 2022 – August 20, 2022

Parent or Legal Guardian must be a member to purchase
May 15, 2022 – August 20, 2022

Electronic Fund Transfer

Click here for more information about the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payment option.

Entrance Policy

All Alumni members will be issued UIC Visitor i-card which is required for entrance. An exception can be made if a member does not have their UIC i-card, but a government issued photo I.D. MUST be provided. This exception can only be made twice per semester. Once the membership is verified it will be documented and entrance will be allowed. If a member forgets their i-card more than twice in any given semester, the member is required to provide a government issued photo I.D. and pay a $10 entrance fee to utilize the facility.

Alumni may also access facilities by paying a daily entrance fee, but only recreation members may sponsor guests for admittance. Please see Guest Information for a full list of policies.

Family Memberships

Qualifying individuals may purchase memberships for their spouse/domestic Partner, child, or adult dependent (18-26). The eligible Alumni does not need to be a member in order for their spouse/domestic partner or adult dependent to purchase a membership, but both must be present with proper documentation at the time or purchase or renewal. Please see the Family Memberships page for a full list of policies and required documentation.

Click Here To Become A Member


To view our membership cancellation policies please visit the Cancellations page.