EIM Mission & Background

The Exercise is Medicine® on Campus (EIM-OC) program at UIC promotes physical activity and nutrition among students, faculty, staff and patients.

The EIM program is part of a global initiative through the American College of Sports Medicine to “encourage primary care physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans and to refer patients to evidence-based exercise programs and qualified exercise professionals,”

For more info please visit: www.exerciseismedicine.org

Strategic Priorities

Through a partnership between UIC Campus Recreation, UI Health, and the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition, a committee was formed to identify the following 5 strategic priority areas to advance the mission of EIM® at UIC. Also included are the progress thus far in each of those 5 areas.

  1. Establish physical activity as a vital sign during patent visits and to conclude each visit with an exercise prescription and/or referral to Campus Recreation certified health fitness professionals or other allied health professionals for further counseling and support.
  2. Employee Wellness
  3. Student Education
  4. Campus Engagement
  5. Research, Grants and Scholarships

Committee Members

Chair: Lynne Thompson, MS ACSM EP-C – Deputy Director – Campus Recreation
Eduardo Bustamante, PhD, FACSM – Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Nutrition
David C. Marder, MD, MPH – Director, University Health Services
Rebecca Mischak MSN, APH/CNP, COHN-S/CM – Director of Physician Practice
Zainab Shirazi, 3rd year medical student, Class of 2020 B.A. Psychology
Kirsten Straughan MS, RD, LDN, CSSD – Director of Nutrition Science Program
Vered Arbel, MS, ACSM-CPT – Visiting Instructor, Kinesiology and Nutrition
Vito Olvera, ACSM EP-C, Fitness Coordinator – Campus Recreation
Janine Peterson, ACSM CPT, Assistant Fitness Coordinator – Campus Recreation
Kara Smith, MS Group Fitness Coordinator – Campus Recreation
Deep Shah, BS, Climbing and Outdoor Adventure Coordinator – Campus Recreation
María Enid Santiago-Rodríguez – Fitness GA – Campus Recreation


Exercise is Medicine Gold Campus

“EIM On Campus (EIM-OC) launched its recognition program in 2014, honoring campuses for their participation and engagement in EIM. Schools earn gold, silver or bronze status based on their activities. Recognition provides an opportunity for campuses to enhance their image as a healthy academic environment and emphasize their commitment to create a culture of wellness.”

UIC submitted the application for recognition in February and is now recognized as a GOLD campus for their efforts in promoting EIM (https://www.exerciseismedicine.org/support_page.php/recognition-program/). UIC will also be recognized at the American College of Sports Medicine annual conference in Orlando, FL on May 30th, 2019.

If you have questions or would like to be involved with Exercise is Medicine on Campus contact Lynne Thompson at lynnetho@uic.edu